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We have many projects where we need your help on the field at each location for a short period of time.  The type of work varies from project to project. One project may require tile floors; wood or sheet rock walls and ceilings; plastering walls; block laying; lighting; electrical; building shelving, tables, desks or computer stations. Another project may require inventory of an existing library, entering data into the database, repairing books, labeling book spines with Dewey decimal system. Some require both construction and non construction work.  We can fit your skills with the right project. Please e-mail LACLS today at or call 417-886-6951.

Project Information

Recent Projects
Ecuador, Kusutka LACC School
Haiti, Port-au-Prince Sent
Haiti, Port-au-Prince Supplement- in progress
Bolivia, Cochabamba
Chile, Santiago
Jamaica, City of Refuge

Completed / Not Shipped
Guayaquill, Ecuador
Kustka, Ecuador LACC School
Colombia, Ibagué 
Colombia, Bucaramanga Colombia, Cali
Colombia, Cartagena 
Colombia, Montería

Funds Needed
Ecuador, 2 LACC schools

Matching Funds Need
Mexico, Cárdenas, Tabasco 
Mexico, Guadalajara 
Mexico, Mazatlán
Ecuador, Riobamba

Teams / Books Needed
Chile, Quiñenahuín- LACC school


What materials are made available through the library projects?

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  2. Condensed Library.pdf

  3. Standard Library.pdf

  4. Advanced Library.pdf