Meet the Staff


Everett and his wife Carolyn have ministered as missionaries in Latin America since 1969. They have served in Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay. Everett was named Director of Latin America/Caribbean Library Services in June 1997. He travels extensively throughout Latin America developing and expanding libraries of Assemblies of God Bible schools.

Everett Ward


Karen and her late husband Dale were appointed as missionaries in 1977. They served in Haiti and then in Trinidad until his death in April 1998. They taught in various Bible schools and worked with LIFE publishers for twelve years. At LACLS, Karen has oversight of the ordering of books for the various projects as well as coordinating the preparation of the books for the libraries.

Karen Preiser

Joan and her husband Bill have been married for 50 years. Joan faithfully serves as our bookkeeper. Volunteering since 2002 she works 3 days a week in our office.  Previously she  was the bookkeeper for several years at Valley Forge Christian College.

Joan Lindsey

Stan is a retired educator from Springfield Public Schools and attends the James River Assemblies of God in Ozark, MO. He volunteers his time and assists in the processing of the library books (stamping with school's name, placing spine labels with Dewey Decimal numbers and protective seal, and applying a donor's label on inside cover), as well as being in charge of packing and shipping.

Stan Kean

Al and his wife Dorothy have been working with LACLS since 1998. Al has developed the LACLS library management software that is being used in Bible schools in Latin America and the Caribbean. This powerful and easy-to-use Windows based program catalogs libraries of all sizes. It comes with a viewer mode, a search capability for indexed key words/phrases, and prints out catalog cards and labels. Al and Dorothy are members of Braeswood Assembly of God, Houston, Texas.

Al Anderson

Jim and his late wife Kathleen have ministered as missionaries in Latin America since 1984. They have served in Paraguay and with Latin America ChildCare, Latin America Theological Seminary and now with LACLS. Jim serves as the Administrative Assistant in the office and helps with various aspects of the ministry.

Jim Powers

Bruce and Karen Braithwaite co-founded the Brazilian Extension Schools of Theology in 1967 and Children of Brazil Outreach. In 1996 they joined Life Publishers to help develop FIRE Bibles. In 2012 Bruce became LACLS’s Director of Digital Development to create an online digital library. 

Bruce Braithwaite