LACLS Explained


Additional Information

LACLS is a missionary service ministry for over 1,300 Bible Schools throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, and works directly under the auspices of Assemblies of God World Missions. This is not a subsidized ministry; it operates strictly through donations and library project sponsors. The LACLS office is located a few miles from the United States National Headquarters of the Assemblies of God, in an office complex on the east side of Springfield, Missouri.

LACLS provides a wide range of helps for Bible school library resource centers in Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean by procuring Bibles and study books (Spanish/English/French/Dutch), at discounted prices. We have seven suggested book lists arranged in hierarchical order to meet the various needs of pastors, missionaries and Bible schools.

Upon receiving funding from a school or sponsor, specified books are ordered then prepared for shipment to the school. Book preparation includes: stamping with school’s name, placing spine label with Dewey Decimal classification number and protective seal, applying donor’s label, and printing index cards (title, author, and subject).

A donor label is placed on the inside front cover of each book acknowledging the group(s) that provided the funds for the books. The books are cataloged according to the Dewey Decimal system using adhesive spine labels and protective seals.

The Bible school name is stamped in several locations.

Title, author and subject cards are printed for each book.

The books are then packed for delivery to the Bible college.

Book delivery is set up in cooperation with Assemblies of God World Missions. LACLS is informed of ministry teams going to Latin America and the Caribbean and leaders are contacted to see if they would be able to carry the books into the country. Duffel bags are packed with 50 pounds of books and shipped to the team leader(s).  Team members carry the bags into the country as a piece of luggage, giving the books to the missionary or Bible school director. When teams are able to carry the books into a country, LACLS is able to purchase more books for the library with the funds saved from not having to ship them to foreign countries.